Ocean Facts
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As wide, flat ground dwellers, Angel Sharks are often mistaken for rays. They have long pectoral fins that extend laterally from the sides of their bodies than resemble the fins of a ray. However unlike rays, they have five gill slits on the sides of their heads, while rays have gill slits under their bodies. Though like rays, Angel Sharks have spiracles, a type of gill that delivers oxygen directly to the brain, located on the top of their heads behind two small eyes. Spiracles are typically found on the sides of the heads of rays. Angel Sharks have rounded snouts with large mouths containing nine rows of razor sharp teeth on the upper jaw and teeth rows on the bottom jaw, In the center of their mouths, there is a space with no teeth. Rays have have mouths on their underneath side of their bodies containing a full row of teeth on both sides of their jaws. On the end of their snouts Angel Sharks have barbels, a sensory organ that acts like whiskers to help them detect their prey. Rays do not have barbels. Finally, the bodies of Angel Sharks are longer and more stout than the bodies of rays.